Telehealth Access

Jami Eschler, MD
Raven Lipmanson, MD
Ana Stan, MD
Kammiell Smith, APRN
Karen Lundgren, LCPC

For Existing Clients:

If you have a scheduled telehealth appointment with your provider, please click on the button under their name.

    • Please enter the waiting room 5-10 minutes before the start time of your scheduled appointment.
    • Do not attempt to enter the waiting room unless you have a scheduled appointment.
    • Please see below for detailed policies and forms.

For New Clients:

To set up your first Telehealth appointment, please contact the front office at (406) 587-0810.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, we are switching in-person appointments to DOXY (online telehealth) appointments, other than in extenuating circumstances.

If you have a scheduled appointment with one of our providers via DOXY, please select your provider's link below. You will be routed to a virtual "waiting room" and be asked to "check in." Please do so, and your provider will be with you shortly. If your provider has not logged on within 15 minutes of your set appointment time, please contact the front office at (406) 587-0810.

Prior to your appointment, we require a credit card authorization form on file. You can download the form to your right, or contact the front office for a copy. Your credit card will be charged for your estimated amount due at the end of your appointment. You can fax the form to our office at (406) 522-9975, or email our front office staff. Be advised that we estimate copays and totals due, to the best of our ability.

Please sign in a few minutes before your appointment. If you experience technical difficulties please call our office at 406-587-0810. If you do not log on for your DOXY (telehealth) appointment, this will count as a "no show" and you will be charged a "no show" fee. This fee will not be applied if you are unable to log into your appointment due to technical difficulties.

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